Remedial Massage Therapist Serving Toowoomba

Remedial Massage Therapist Serving ToowoombaRemedial Massage Therapist Serving ToowoombaRemedial Massage Therapist Serving Toowoomba


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have a look at my prices

My prices are simplified and fair. For each Treatment it will be

$30 for 30 minutes or $60 for 60 minutes. 

Read about my treatments and take a moment to call me. If you need more information or would like to make an appointment, please call or text me on 0431 327404  

or email at


RELAXATION MASSAGE 30 mins $30.00 60 mins $60.00

Relaxation massage is an ideal treatment if you are not sleeping well. It is too often we are driven by our work, causing an unhealthy balance in our day. With little or no time for ourselves, exhaustion can slowly erode our enthusiasm towards the things we usually enjoy. 

To invest in a regular massage, we are ensuring our ability to keep up with the busy pace of or day. 

Imagine how you will feel with 30, 60 or 90 mins all to yourself and my smooth gliding strokes carrying you into a state of absolute relaxation or a blissful sleep. I can bring Pure Essential Aroma Oil added to your massage, which will accentuate relaxation. 

A Suggestion:

Indulge in a 30 minute Warm Pure Coconut Oil Scalp with extra Shoulders, Neck and Back Massage Treatment added to your Relaxation Massage.  


simply enjoy a superb 30, 60 or 90 minute 

Relaxation Massage!!!


A woman getting a remedial massage from our remedial massage therapist in Toowoomba

REMEDIAL MASSAGE 30 mins $30.00 60 mins $60.00

Your wellbeing is foremost to me as a Therapist!

Before we begin your treatment, we will confidentially discuss any pain in your body, your daily activities and your general health. The information you give me will help me understand your needs and together we will tailor a special massage treatment just for you. 

Remedial Massage focuses upon a specific problem such as Muscle Pain in Shoulders, Lower Back, ITB's (Sides of Upper Legs), Hands, Fingers, Feet, Calf Muscles, Inner Thigh Muscles, Gluteal Muscles and many many more areas of the body.  

Remedial Massage gently reaches deeper layers of muscle which are causing headaches, pain, limited mobility, sciatica and postural problems. 

Massage melts muscle tension and pain

Massage removes toxins which build throughout the body 

Massage increases oxygen levels in the blood  

  Massage lowers anxiety and stress levels and improves flexibility 

 Massage increases our Immunity  ....

and ....  Here Is a Big One!  ....   Massage increases the White Blood Cells  .... 

  White Blood Cells are the 'Good Guys'! 

Massage will improve your sleep and a good night's sleep is vital in maintaining good health. 

Fun and play in our day, some good Activity, plenty of water Daily, a good night's rest and a Regular Massage, all maintain healthy bodies.

Massage is an invaluable treatment for everyone!!!


Pregnancy Massage for Mum's Wellbeing 30 mins $30.00 60 mins $60.00

Prenatal Pregnancy Massage owns a 'very long list' of benefits and to name but a few -

  • Massage enhances the function of mum's muscles and joints 
  • Lowers mum's anxiety and stress levels and allows her to completely relax
  • Improves her circulation and general body tone 
  • Relieves mental and physical fatigue and eases her discomfort associated with pregnancy
  • Helps her to prepare for labour 
  • The gentle nurturing support builds her confidence 
  • Massage helps balance mum's hormones 
  • Helps her enjoy a more relaxed sleep 
  • Helps her recover sooner from pregnancy and giving birth 

Prenatal and Postnatal Massage are invaluable tools recognised centuries ago by many cultures around the world 

In these countries, Post Natal Depression does Not Exist due to the regular daily massages which both Mum and Baby receive!

How Wonderful!!!

 Just imagine how relaxed and free from concerns we would be!!!  

Massage is simply invaluable!!!  Massages every day!!!

Happy mum, happy baby!  Happy baby, happy mum!  


My Signature Treatment which I Love!!! 2 Hours of blissful relaxation time for you! Only $120.00

My Absolutely Nurturing Relaxation Sensation 

Imagine yourself floating out of your hectic day to be pampered for two whole hours of bliss!!!

With fine oils and lotions

we will discuss and plan your individual preference on the day  

A Suggestion!!!

At NO EXTRA COST to your 2 Hour treatment you might like to include any of the following treatments as part of your 2 Hours

  • A Full Body Brushing Treatment - Limbs, Back etc    
  • A Pure Warm Coconut Oil Scalp Treatment - 30 mins
  • A Foot Massage or Hand Massage - 30 mins
  • A Sinus Facial - 30 mins

Call (07)46 301617 or 0431 327404 and we will discuss a day and a time to suit you!


Relief from the symptoms of Physical Disability through Massage Treatment and the length of the treatment will depend upon your needs and how you feel on the day 30 mins $30.00 60 mins $60.00

Massage can not only lower the stress levels caused by the constant pain of a physical disability, it can also lower the amount of pain you are suffering with.  Massage greatly enhances the blood flow round the body and as we know, the blood is the life force carrying oxygen and food to every part.  Our blood carries away the toxins which build up in the body and these toxins can cause further ill health, if not removed 

Similarly, people confined to a wheelchair may suffer from atrophied or weakened muscle tone, or skin breakdown which is the result from constant pressure and reduced circulation due to being stationary for periods of time.  Painful muscle spasms and reduced cardiovascular health may also occur.  Massage has been known to not only significantly improve these symptoms, but it gives back quality of life and improves your outlook towards the illness.

Massage is a blessing for people who are unable to move all, or part of the muscles in their bodies.  Those of us who are confined to our beds, will thoroughly enjoy and benefit from the effect a massage has upon our bodies and emotions 


Relief from the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, Alzheimers, Dementia and Multiple Sclerosis through massage therapy 30 mins $30.00 60 mins $60.00

 Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, Alzheimers, Dementia and Relief for Multiple Sclerosis can affect sufferers in varying degrees of tolerance to touch and the pressure of that touch.  These conditions have symptoms which include widespread, pervasive and chronic pain, tenderness in the body and muscle stiffness and confusion and anxiety (to name but a few).  These conditions can be accompanied by great fatigue and there is often much emotional distress and confusion caused by the pain and anxiety.  Deep Relaxation reduces stress, confusion, tenderness in the body and muscle stiffness, pain and muscle tension and with care and gentle experience, Deep Relaxation is found through Massage.  

Here are some of the amazing and truly wonderful benefits of massage!

  • Lowered Anxiety
  • Improved sleep  
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Much needed Headache relief
  • Lessening of the effects of depression caused by the expectancy to suffer from pain
  • The pain can greatly lessen and become tolerable
  • Greatly improved blood circulation throughout the whole body
  • Ever-welcome support from a caring therapist can reduce anxiety and build confidence and optimism


Foot Massage 30 mins $30.00

Foot Massage 30 mins $30.00

Foot Massage 30 mins $30.00


Have you considered the benefits of a wonderful Foot Massage?  This age old treatment has been long known for -

  • It improves blood circulation  
  • Helps with relaxation
  • Promotes better sleep 
  • Relieves body pain 
  • Improves mood and greatly lowers depression
  • Helps prevent foot and ankle injuries
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Helps alleviate symptoms of Menopause and PMS
  • Makes feet much healthier
  • Alleviates swelling (edema)

It is recommended to consider a 45 minute foot massage treatment and let yourself be pampered for an extra special experience.

This nurturing treatment may be combined with a Hand Massage, or incorporated into a Full Body Massage, or simply and thoroughly be enjoyed by itself.

Hand Massage 30 mins $30.00

Foot Massage 30 mins $30.00

Foot Massage 30 mins $30.00


    Do you enjoy receiving a hand massage? 

Recline in the comfort of my cosy, luxury treatment table, close your eyes and focus upon this gentle treatment.  

With the most gentle lotions or oils, you will be encouraged to drift away!

  • Pain relief in the wrist, knuckles, thumbs
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improved range of motion
  • Increased wrist and hand strength
  • Relief of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • A hand massage is a gentle introduction to the world of massage


You may like to combine this nurturing treat with a Foot Massage, or incorporated into a Full Body Massage, or simply and thoroughly be enjoyed by itself.

Coconut Oil Scalp/Neck/Shoulders/Back 1 Hour $60.00

Foot Massage 30 mins $30.00

Coconut Oil Scalp/Neck/Shoulders/Back 1 Hour $60.00


        With room temperature warmed pure coconut oil gently massaged into the scalp for 15 minutes, your hair is then wrapped in a soft towel.  I may use a gentle warm air upon your hair to infuse the coconut oil further.  Now you are ready to enjoy a wonderful neck, shoulders and back massage, while the coconut oil is naturally moisturising your scalp and hair. 

This nurturing treatment, can be performed by itself, or be incorporated with a foot or hand treatment, or a full body massage. 

Hair experts say a good scalp treatment is key to healthy, glossy, sleek strands and it makes sense, just as the skin on our bodies needs to be cared for, so does our hair and the skin of our scalp!  

Corporate Massage

Body Brushing 30 mins $30.00 60 mins $60.00

Body Brushing 30 mins $30.00 60 mins $60.00


When we experience pain in our body, it may be considered a warning sign!  Repetitive work in our workplace such as using the computer mouse continually with the same hand, answering the telephone continually with the same hand, sitting in our chair with our feet curled around the legs of the chair, Poor Posture, are all common causes for muscular misalignment and all cause pain and discomfort at some time.  Headaches are a common occurrence and if we are drinking sufficient water daily, then the cause of the headache may be coming from a hip misalignment, which can cause a common slight limp.  A 30 minute corporate massage treatment will 'begin to remedy' the issue and if your issue requires more than 30 minutes muscular work, your therapist may suggest follow up treatments at a time to suit you.  When our body is out of sync in one way or another, massage has been proven to decrease anxiety and stress level and relax and stretch muscles, encouraging more much-needed oxygen and blood flow to these areas.  Our bodies are inimitable well-oiled machines when healthy, but they must be maintained to remain in this state.  Massage is an old, old tool and when practised wisely, everything can be put back into perspective. 

Body Brushing 30 mins $30.00 60 mins $60.00

Body Brushing 30 mins $30.00 60 mins $60.00

Body Brushing 30 mins $30.00 60 mins $60.00


  This wonderfully relaxing treatment is popular in European Spas

A list of the benefits of this invigorating treat are -

  • Helps prevent painful, ingrown hairs from forming beneath the skin
  • This invigorating treatment is an excellent Skin Exfolliant, gently removing the dry skin cells to reveal healthy glowing skin
  • Dry body brushing readily stimulates the Lymphatic System and by doing this, we are directly assisting the removal of pathogens (an organism which can cause disease) from our body   
  • Body Brushing can be incorporated into a Relaxation Massage or a Remedial Massage.  The choice is yours!  Body Brushing will enhance your Relaxation or Remedial Treatment by helping to relax you in preparation for your massage.  

About Glenda

Diploma in Remedial and Relaxation Massage -

Australian College of Massage, Brisbane

Certificate in Pregnancy Massage - 

Pregnancy Massage Australia, Melbourne.

Diploma in Business Administration &

Diploma in Frontline Management -

University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba.

Massage is an area which allows me to enjoy my passion for helping people and I find, I never stop learning or loving what I am doing.

Privacy Policy

Any information supplied by my client and discussed between my client and myself, is treated with utmost confidentiality. 

None of the information disclosed to me by my client, is discussed with another person, 

Glenda J Gurney     Dip.Remedial & Relaxation Massage Therapist 

                                 Cert.Pregnancy Massage Therapist

                                 Dip.Business Administration

                                 Dip.Frontline Management 

Member of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists, Melbourne

Member of AON Australia, Melbourne

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